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Breastfeeding Resources & When to Seek Help

Sometimes, babies show signs that they are not getting enough milk. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Baby may be struggling to latch or having trouble with transferring milk from mom's breast. Sometimes, milk is slow or does not come in, or production is too low or high after it comes in. 

Resources in Santa Barbara

The Lactation Center (TLC) at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

  • Certified consultants can help with your questions and concerns after you leave the hospital. 

  • The center also offers a free support group for moms to receive support from breastfeeding experts. Mother’s Circle meets Wednesdays, 2 to 4 p.m. Learn more and register!

For questions: (805) 569-7826 

For more information:

Lompoc Valley Medical Center Hospital

  • Offers free one on one outpatient lactation support by certified consultants

  • Online resources/information​

For questions: (805) 737-3295

For more information:

Local International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)

Katrina Mitchell, MD, IBCLC, PMH-C at Sansum Clinic

Dr. Katrina Mitchell is a board-certified general surgeon, fellowship-trained breast surgical oncologist, international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), and a certified perinatal mental health provider (PMH-C).​

Accepts insurance

To schedule an appointment: (805) 682-7302

For after hours or urgent concerns: (646) 709-6048

For more information:

​​Traile Easland, RN, PHN, IBCLC

For more information: (805) 570-7770,

Krista Tarrantino, RN, IBCLC

Krista is an experienced Registered Nurse specializing in postpartum wellness and she is International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. ​​​

Payment required at time of service. SuperBill can be provided upon request, to submit to insurance for reimbursement. 

For more information: (970) 596-4139,


Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

  • Offers free breastfeeding support, pumps, products and services for WIC participants.

For questions, call: (877) 275-8805

For more information:

La Leche League

  • Offers a free monthly breastfeeding support group, free phone and email support, and an online resource list.

For questions, call: (805)

For more information:

Get help right away if you see any of these signs in your baby:

  • Days 2-5: fewer than the minimum number of wet or soiled diapers (see table) 

  • By days 4-5: not gaining weight 

  • Lethargic, listless, and/or inability to stay awake to eat

  • Will not nurse, or nurses very little 

  • Showing signs of dehydration: urine is absent or dark and smells strong, dry mouth, sunken fontanel (soft spot) or urate crystals in diaper with very little urine 

  • Is inconsolable and cries even when being held 

  • Still seems hungry after feeding (distinguish hunger from holding cue if baby only cries when put down)

  • Irregular temperature (consult your pediatrician on normal axillary temperature range)​

If you are aware of resources that should be included or if you notice any missing or outdated information, we kindly request that you contact us at

Disclaimer: The information here is intended to add to your health discussions and planning. It is not intended for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your healthcare provider. If you need emergency care, call 911 right away.

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